Chapter 1 is an educational dungeon crawler designed to encourage young people to write their own stories and support their creative writing process.

Players journey to the depths of a jungle in search of adventure, encountering different objects and obstacles on their travels. The game requires players to write out their own solutions to these challenges using nothing more than a keyboard and their imagination.

The game tackles ‘blank page anxiety’ and other barriers preventing young people from engaging with creative writing in the classroom.

I did a great deal of research into creativity and how we can encourage it, especially through games, before beginning work on this project. This proof of concept was then created entirely from scratch over an eight-week period, to test and receive feedback on gameplay and mechanics. As a result there may be a few bugs, but nothing that should get in the way of understanding the concept.

If you're interesting in hearing more about this prototype, and the pedagogical theory that informed its creation, drop me a line; I'd love to talk more about it.


Download 10 MB