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all i can say is: <3<3<3<4


I loved the game! As someone who's been stuck inside for too long at this point, this inspired me that I have so many things I can do to stay occupied.

Lovely room and palette. Also great advice all the way through ❤️

Thank you so much!

    Your game reminded me that I'm living in anxiety by thinking too much in not "wasting time", but I end up wasting time because I procrastinate a lot, even the things I'd love to do, all because of my perfectionism. I have to struggle to do things that demands more time and concentration, but it's totally worth the effort. 

    Sometimes I have to relax, and enjoy life without the pressure of comparing my life  with other's. Very good game!

This comment really touched me; I'm really glad the game spoke to you in that way. Sometimes procrastination is a hurdle to overcome, but other times it's a reminder that we need to take a break in order to recharge.