"The King has been cursed; I must depart at once. In my absence, tidy up the summoning chamber. But, whatever you do, do not write in the cursed grimoire..."

With the Wizard gone, and the Wizard's Apprentice otherwise indisposed, the Wizard's Apprentice's Apprentice is left to tidy up the summoning chamber. 

A simple task, if it weren't for the burning temptation of the Wizard's cursed summoning book...

What creatures will the book summon for you? 

Made with Bitsy for the 'Cursed Book' Bitsy Jam.


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Came here from searches for summonings, I think!

Got Hydra! Funny! Not sure on the control scheme, but funny!
Then got Gorgon on my second try! Ha! Makes sense!

this is such a fun idea, i love finding new summons

I love the colors in this! and the combinations are so fun! my first summoning was the Friendly demon with chips and beans :)